November 18, 2010

Michael Chertoff's Indetectable-to-the-Media Trouser Snake

What does Michael Chertoff’s snake know that the mainstream U.S. media has chosen to ignore?

Chertoff (and his snake) join Jesus, a nun, lecherous security agents, and transvestite terrorists in Apple Daily’s animated news report of the “Don’t Touch My Junk” outrage in the US (Apple Daily are the folks who brought you the animated Tiger Woods re-enactment).

But how is it that Chertoff ranks as a symbol of anything related to security or US culture? Perhaps because the former Secretary of Homeland Security runs a security consulting firm whose client, Rapiscan Systems, makes and sells one of the full body scanners used by TSA.  A fact well known enough, apparently, to trust a Taiwan audience could comprehend Chertoff’s presence in an animation. But what about the American media’s neglect of Chertoff’s connections?

Well, sometimes a snake is just a snake.

Video here.

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Karen Donley
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