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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo December 4, 2010

There Will Be Hugs: Obama In Afghanistan

Good luck trying to reach past "support the troops" to say anything about what's going on outside that hanger.

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Photo December 2, 2010

2012 Hopefuls: Rick Perry’s FED UP

The photo looks at Palin's-pal Rick Perry and the endless, dog-and-pony routine that the political-celebrity goes through as Rick emerges as a potential national player.

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Thursday's DADT Hearing in Two (Okay, Three) Pictures

Sadly, DADT coming down to John McCain versus the world.

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Brendan Hoffman: Thousands of Small Injustices

Brendan Hoffman from the Haitian election and why it went wrong: not just chaos or corruption alone, but a flawed process.

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Disaster Focus Photo December 1, 2010

AIDS Day Visuals: How Grave is Your Ribbon?

If Bush was more committed to AIDS than Obama is, it's all the more reason why the big bow reads like a reflex action on the part of the Administration.

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