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March 3, 2011

Nicole Tung in Eastern Libya: The Front Line

The entrance of Brega where people were getting prepped with weapons and tanks to fight Qaddafi’s attack, though I don’t know where the tanks went.

Eastern Libya, Wednesday, March 2:

I was in Brega at the front line of fighting, but still too far from Qaddafi’s guys to see them. It was intense: RPGs, incoming shells from the Qaddafi side, guns going off in all directions. The rebels weren’t very well armed but were well organized, as Qaddafi’s forces held a portion of the university earlier today, but the rebel fighters took it back by afternoon and proceeded to claim victory over the battle.

The front line: a guy firing his RPG, more opposition pouring in for the fight, and the wounded.

Not sure of the number killed, but I saw six dead in the morgue, all unidentified. Some said two were Qaddafi guys — others said they were from Brega– it was all very confusing. A few of the dead were transported out of the hospital later, presumably to be cleaned and then buried.

–Nicole Tung


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