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Media Focus Photo December 16, 2011

"Trends in Political Photographs" – 2011

BagNews lists the top trends and themes in news photos in this "revolutionary" year.

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Campaign '12 Photo December 15, 2011

Romney Christmas Card – You Tell Me

BagReaders deconstruct the Romney Christmas card.

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Media Focus Photo December 14, 2011

Our Take on TIME's Very Smart "Person of the Year" Protester Cover

What makes the cover as good as it is? Number one, it's a woman!

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Some Thoughts on the MVRDV "9/11 Exploding World Trade Center" Building

I'm a lot less concerned about MVRDV's design than I am about the hysteria it's generating. If there's really something to worry about here, it's the destruction of the opportunity for a more nuanced discussion given all the cultural, political, perceptual and aesthetic alarms going off.

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Militarism Focus Photo December 13, 2011

Drones, and Civilians, in the Light

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism documented twenty-five lethal strikes between August 23 2010 and June 29 2011, a stretch in which Obama's senior adviser on counter-terrorism asserted that no civilians had been killed. Although difficult to prove conclusively, the research on most of these attacks was further substantiated by...

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Occupy Wall Street Photo December 12, 2011

Police vs. Occupy: Who's Protecting Whom Against What?

You know, you look at these pictures of riot police filming their arrests of Occupy protesters, and it lends the impression that there is some kind of care, order and sanity to the whole dance, rather than just a matter of CYA, especially when there are so many other...

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Some Visible Differences Between Protests in Russia and the U.S.

Whereas pro-Kremlin youth are showing up in the streets of Moscow and doing a lot of drumming, we don't have a lot of pro-corporate youth turning out in America's streets or the Occupy encampment in Washington forming drum circles in the name of the free market.

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Campaign '12 Photo December 11, 2011

Variation on a Theme

Romney: the face of the 1% -- especially after the "wanna bet" screenshot at last night's Iowa debate.

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The Great Recession Photo December 10, 2011

Ninety-Nine Percent

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny makes a television address to warn the nation that it now faces new spending cuts and tax rises. Doesn’t she stand in for everyone else? Sleeping in what should have been the dining room, Jesus on the mantle. And that look on her face.It...

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The True Face of the Iraq War

It was a cowboy thing from the beginning.

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Campaign '12 Photo December 9, 2011

Heartland Hope and Motorcade Love: Osawatomie Through a White House Lens

In these days of brass tacks, Pete Souza's lens isn't looking for Kansans in the fold. No, the strategy here simply is to capture and demonstrate citizens of the heartland are still willing to hear out and even look to the President.

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Occupy Wall Street Photo December 8, 2011

Occupy Congress

If the effort lasts, perhaps it'll actually become less unusual to see the people in the people's house.

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Iraq Pullout: America Still Golden

Just as George Bush early on linked patriotism to going shopping, it seems that the residual accomplishment of the Iraq War was the preservation of America's popular culture and consumer way of life.

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Occupy Wall Street Photo December 7, 2011

#OccupyOurHomes Meets the "Housing Authority" — Roll Tape

How smart, simple and confident it is for the movement to not only occupy the foreclosed home but to co-opt officialdom's own institutional ritual for keeping the public at bay.

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Occupy Wall Street Photo December 6, 2011

Occupy: Moving Day

Call the canvas-inspired visuals juxtaposed with the brick-and-mortar White House, and the Federal Housing Finance Agency, the visual down payment on today's move, by Occupy, into foreclosed home. You could also call it Occupy's moving day.

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Campaign '12 Photo December 5, 2011

Dark Side of the Newt

The photo reveals the dark, maniacal and deviousness side of Newt he's managed to mostly keep in check this past week with all the intoxicating-as-crack attention he's received.

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Occupy Forcing Militarized PDs to Show Their Colors

It's the uniform colors, combined with all the deployment and use of the teams, hardware and gear, that makes the town square feel like Fallujah.

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Campaign '12 Photo December 4, 2011

Pics to Remember Cain By

The photo is delicious in combination with the testosterone topping of GQ conversation.

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