January 7, 2012

Constitution Thumper: Photographer M. Scott Brauer in New Hampshire

Photographer M. Scott Brauer is on the ground in New Hampshire for BagNews. We will be posting his images through to the primary.

One reason Rick Santorum is having a moment in the sun is because voters, still trying to get a fix on him, might tend to overlook his religious fundamentalism for his genial manner and sense of piety.

Santorum carries this well-worn copy of the Constitution with him all the time and refers to it often on the campaign trail. If you thought what you were looking at, though, was a bible (the golden pages juxtaposed with his wedding band), it’s the simplest mistake given how thoroughly he interprets this document through the other.

See the rest of this series at BagNews New Hampshire 2012 and our full Campaign ’12 coverage here.

PHOTOGRAPH by M. Scott Brauer


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