March 9, 2012

If I Had a Hammer

If I Had a Hammer

What you see on these faces is only the “first stage” reaction of citizens who, having witnessed plenty of women’s rights battles, are watching it suddenly unravel under the wheels of a runaway legislative anti-contraception/abortion freight train.

To date, women protesting the latest attempts by GOP state legislators to restrain female reproductive rights and care have been painted as radicals or co-ed hussies with sex schedules heavier than their course loads.  But this photo conveys a yet-unclassified demographic which is more a threat to the GOP in the general and local elections come November: The middle-aged, middle class woman who votes.  Stay tuned.

— Karen Hull

(photo: Jim Cole/Associated Press. caption: THUMBS DOWN: Women in the House gallery in Concord, N.H., showed their displeasure as New Hampshire’s Republican-controlled House voted Wednesday to allow employers with religious objections to exclude contraceptive coverage from their health plans. The House voted 196-150 to send the bill to the Senate.)

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