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Photo May 31, 2013

Israel: Cue the Gas

Maybe what really sells a news photo these days is the sense one is looking at a movie still.

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Visual Practices & Ethics Photo May 29, 2013

A Photographer, A Fixer, the New York Times and Child Servitude in Haiti: A Story Gone Haywire, then Simply Gone

A post about child servitude in Haiti, deleted from the New York Times Lens Blog, serves as the basis for questions about the ethics of photojournalism, the practice of online journalism and the issues involved when the American media market trains a lens on ethical behavior in a country...

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Race Focus Photo May 28, 2013

Team Zimmerman's Trayvon Photos: Pictured from a Cell

More than anything, what his team broadcasts with the photos is that it wasn't a kid Zimmerman was paranoid over that night.

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Business Focus Photo May 27, 2013

David Schalliol from Chicago: How a 400 Family Neighborhood Became Urban Prairie

Of course, expanding a freight yard in the middle of the country’s third largest city isn’t simply a matter of construction.

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As carefully as "Staff Sgt. Miguel Deynes prepares a final uniform for Capt. Aaron R. Blanchard," I'm drawn as much or more to the hanging uniforms and the racks of pink circles containing different insignias and medals.

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Culture Focus Photo May 24, 2013

Prom Night, 1979

TIME unearths these photos of Obama with his (white) high school friends and prom date. But what relevance do they have?

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Militarism Focus Photo May 23, 2013

Woolwich: All That Confusion Over Michael Adebolajo's Soldier Cool

What's so novel and unique about the footage is how this man looked and sounded so rational, even deferential and slightly apologetic after butchering the British soldier.

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Military Sexual Harassment Pic of the Day: The West Point Student Body

Talking about the military's latest sexual harassment black eye, I was wondering what you thought of the photo accompanying yesterday's NYT story about female cadets at West Point being taped surreptitiously in the shower?

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Disaster Focus Photo May 21, 2013

The Visual Power (and Inundation) of Tragedy: Oklahoma City and Newtown, Boston, Long Island, New Jersey, West, Bangladesh

Unless OKC was just strangely synchronistic with recent traumas, perhaps a concerning side-effect of this steady diet of disaster is that all the imagery starts to run together.

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OKC Tornado Photos: Iwo Jima

Most powerful images make it to the forefront by also tapping into our cultural and visual memory.

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War & Militarism Photo May 20, 2013

Ruddy Roye from Iraqi Kurdistan: Among the Names of the Dead

We learn about the horrors of the day in Halabja from everybody, everywhere and every time. They are told in stories and memorials. Whenever we get together as a family, sometimes watching old footage, we would talk about that day.

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People Who Live in Glass Boxes: The Arne Svenson Tribeca Telephoto Controversy

How is it Svenson didn't know that, in a city build on wealth and status, money -- floating glass boxes or not -- also buys you transparency?

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo May 18, 2013

Afghan War Pictures: Forward Equals Backward, Up Equals Down

the visuals of the war effort have descended largely into parody.

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Photo May 17, 2013

Your Turn: Michael Liberace

What does it say when an actor, known for symbolizing ruthless corporate types, "goes the other way?"

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More Radiance from AP’s Charles Dharapak: It’s Not Easy Being Obama

The talented Dharapak uses the weather to frame a President battling D.C.'s political elements.

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Sports Focus Photo May 16, 2013

Today’s Silhouette

Or, how far a creative news photographer can take a mint julep.

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Media Focus Photo May 15, 2013

When Words are Photoshopped

So it turns out that there really are two sets of rules: the rules that guide reporting what is supposed to be said, and the rules that insure that some things are not said.

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Visual Practices & Ethics Photo May 14, 2013

Hansen’s World Press Winning Photo Not Fake… Just Unbelievable

Based on detailed scientific analysis, it has finally been established that a photo doesn't have to be fake to be incredible on its face.

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