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Photo October 13, 2013

Looking in on White House Photog Charles Dharapak, the Shutdown Watch and Good Cheer to Getty's Alex Wong

it's hard for me to look at those two images without musing how the Shutdown Futility Show might be encouraging many to see some agony in almost any political photo out of Washington these days.

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Photo October 11, 2013

The Saddest/Most Viral Shutdown Photos (Or: It's a Zoo Out There)

I can't tell if these sentimentalized BuzzFeed-style photo-posts about the shutdown reflect a larger sympathy or they're just heartstring slingshots.

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Visual Practices & Ethics Photo October 10, 2013

Facebook Censorship, Photographer Jacob Aue Sobol and a Birthday

You don't have a good idea, a lovely day, a touching moment, a sense of awareness, a sense of poignancy or connection -- a sense that someone is a part of you or you are a part of someone else -- (in other words, anything that makes Facebook Facebook)...

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President Obama Photo October 9, 2013

Shabby Road: Obama on the Cover of the Shutdown Album

Perhaps the president just getting outdoors and foraging for a sandwich is as much coming together as we can expect.

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Photo October 8, 2013

Regarding Those Ridiculously Large FOX News Touchscreens

Everybody knows people at FOX don't read.

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On War's 12th Anniversary, Tim Hetherington's Soldiers Still Lusting, Lusty

If Mike's quote is technically true to Tim's intent, it does not account for the homo-eroticism of Bobby's kiss or the aggressive grip on Cortez's hand at the edge of the frame or the exhibitionist intensity of the eye drawing Tim himself into the play.

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President Obama Photo October 6, 2013

New Esquire Obama Cover: What's in a Background?

I'm not prepared to say the background has anything to do with the Philippines, or the President's race, somehow, but the Esquire cover might suggest, at least, that the President doesn't let his true nature come through enough.

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Photo October 4, 2013

Anxiety's All the Fashion

Hollywood, Madison Avenue, 7th Avenue. They've all gotten pretty good at co-opting the anxieties and calamities of the times to move their wares, haven't they?

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On the Beautiful Instagram of the DC Car Chase, the Killing of the Runaway Dental Hygienist and the Hoepker 9/11 Photo

Coming on the heels of the rampage at the Naval Yard a couple weeks ago, this Instagram photo the media was instantly buzz-feeding over reminded me of the Thomas Hoepker photo from 9/11.

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Visual Practices & Ethics Photo October 2, 2013

Thoughts on Afghan Girl’s Third Cover Appearance as National Geographic Looks Back, Forward

Has the same portrait ever appeared on the cover of a major US magazine even twice, not to mention three times? Still, it's not exactly clear to me why she's on the anniversary cover.

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Playing from Behind, GOP Wins Day 1 Shut Down Optics Battle

Repubs and tabloid-style news organizations are using images of Clinton and Lewinsky to represent the last time the government shut down.

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Photo October 1, 2013

First Reflections on the Shut Down

Both images call on Americans to consider the day's events in terms of the county's larger legacies.

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