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Photography/Photojournalism Photo June 30, 2016

When Gag News Photos Are No Joke

Growing inequity leads to more demonstrations and other protests, and to violence. And to more gag photos.

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Ruddy Roye’s Remarkably Unremarkable Pride Photo

If I had seen this same image a few years back, I might have read it in terms of invisibility — or theatricality. Not so today.

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International Focus Photo June 27, 2016

On that 10 Downing Cameron Brexit Portrait

The photo is not just about England's divorce from the continent but how it informs the distance between Cameron and his wife.

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Protest Focus Photo June 25, 2016

Scenes from the Congress Members Gun Violence Sit-In

These are the pictures from the Democratic takeover that stood out to us.

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Campaign '16 Photo June 22, 2016

Hillary’s Second Grandchild Eclipsed by the Flame War

An ugly election has turned the campaign gift of a grandchild into an afterthought.

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Photo June 19, 2016

Post Orlando: Seeking Reversal

I hope you can forgive me for reading in like this.

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Militarism Photo June 15, 2016

Our Post-Orlando Riffs on Mark Peterson’s NRA Convention Photos

With Trump and the gun lobby turning the Orlando massacre into instant ammo, we thought we'd share some brief thoughts on these NRA convention photos. ...

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Culture Focus Photo June 14, 2016

The Larger Fabric: Ruddy Roye’s Frame on the Orlando Massacre

As a photo about the Orlando massacre, Ruddy has done something extraordinarily bold here.

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Disaster Focus Photo June 13, 2016

Mapplethorpe to Stonewall: the Orlando Massacre Over the Course of Sunday

Tracking the visual reactions to the horrific Orlando massacre on Twitter over the course of the day Sunday.

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Campaign '16 Photo June 11, 2016

Today’s Political Equivalent of the Depression Barrel

It's quite a portrait of this backlash election, the futility over our compromised and fractured political system coming full circle.

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Women and Gender Focus Photo June 10, 2016

The Happy-Go-Lucky Predator: Looking at Brock Turner’s Mugshot(s)

In a dialogue with the facts and that handslap of a sentence, the false Brock Turner mugshot functions like a 1% poster.

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Campaign '16 Photo June 7, 2016

Reading the Hillary “Ready” Tweet

I'm running against a show.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo June 5, 2016

Not Again: Photographer David Gilkey, RIP

The black hole known as the Afghan War claims the life of another outstanding photographer.

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Trump/Putin Kiss: Favs from our Twitter and Instagram

In our round up this week, we mostly circle back to show you campaign images that either drew attention or that most people missed.

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Activism & Protest Photo June 3, 2016

On That Stunning Forehand from the Paris Labor Uprising

This classic "tennis photo" captures media spectacle in full swing.

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International Focus Photo June 2, 2016

Echo of the Bomb in Photos of Obama’s Visit to Hiroshima

Beyond the photos of Obama at the memorial, it felt like the horror, grief, memory and subordination was creeping into the other images.

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The Rich and the Poor Photo June 1, 2016

The Lookouts: Matt Black Revisions the Homeless

In this dignified photo, Matt Black revisions the stereotype of the homeless as aimless.

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