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Video October 26, 2018

Chatting the Pictures: Co-opting “the Caravan”; CNN and the Pipe Bombs; Saudi Ambush

This week, Chatting the Pictures, our 20-minute webcast analyzing key news photos, looks at the caravan, domestic terrorism, and Saudi propaganda.

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Disaster Focus Photo October 22, 2018

What We’re Looking At: Hurricanes Michael and Khashoggi

Visual news has been dominated by two hurricanes lately. Here are selected photos with commentary.

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Video October 19, 2018

Chatting the Pictures: The So-Called “Mob,” The Ultimate Fire, Saudi Prince in a Whirlwind

Welcome to the latest Chatting the Pictures webcast. This week Michael and Cara look at "the mob," a key climate change pic, and the tainted Mohammed bin Salman.

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