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International Focus Photo April 11, 2015

Waiting for Peace to Arrive at the Syrian Bus Stop

Whatever the back story, the moral is the same: warfare demands exceptional resilience and inventiveness to survive, and people respond in kind. ...Which is why the scene is heartbreaking.

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Militarism Focus Photo March 6, 2015

The Problem With War is Not That it's Eternal, but That it's Persistent

There always has been war, there always will be war, and only fools think otherwise. Thus, the full honor due to those in battle today can be paid only by placing their memorial within the unbroken continuity and epic scale of myth.

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Robert Hariman Photo February 27, 2015

The Face of Battle in the Ukraine

War is far more than battle, from the extensive organization that is required to project power and hold territory, to the thousand ways that it disrupts, distorts, corrupts, and shatters entire worlds.

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Robert Hariman Photo February 12, 2015

Perhaps Our Images Provide Opportunities to Turn Terror Into Something Else

The central monument in a civic plaza, yet looking more like an idol demanding sacrifice, the image radiates a dark vibe across the urban space.

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Media Focus Photo February 4, 2015

Robert Hariman On ISIS and the Choice Not To Look

So look. Then turn away. If you don’t need to look, I’m with you. Whatever you do, realize that the stakes are higher than had been imagined.

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Business Focus Photo January 23, 2015

The Serenity of Networks

Instead of seeing only competition, friction, and another day’s work, we can see the deep sense of decoration: how the small ornament can mirror a cosmos.

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Protest Focus Photo December 11, 2014

The Beatings Will Continue

If all we can do is watch, we should at least recognize that we have a responsibility to do so, all down the line.

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Disaster Focus Photo December 10, 2014

The Beauty of LA Burning

LA burning isn’t beautiful because LA deserves to burn. LA burning is beautiful because we can see it that way.

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Militarism Focus Photo November 12, 2014

The Day After Remembrance Day

Much ink has been spilled about whether photojournalism should expose the bodily horror of war. This photo, like many others in the archive, demonstrate that less can be more: there is little need to see the gore, because more than physical destruction is at stake.

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International Focus Photo October 23, 2014

Why that NYT Liberia Photo, Reflecting an Ebola Treatment Unit in the Mirror, Was so Contagious

The media panic has involved massive injections of fear regarding viral replication, contagion, and the ultimate displacement of death, so perhaps an image of photographic doubling can contain some of the excess emotion.

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International Focus Photo June 7, 2014

Somalia is Not Just a War Zone

The point here is not to celebrate the human spirit, but rather to understand that people don’t have to be asking for the moon when they ask for peace and stability. A normal life will do.

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Tank Man, Inc.

I have no doubt that China needs more democracy, but I would not offer the present mix of populism and neoliberalism that defines politics in the US today as a splendid model to which they should aspire.

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Culture Focus Photo April 29, 2014

Bad Westerns: That Shot of the Bundy Posse Observing the Anthem

What may be a moment of reverent patriotism is also an image of the last cowboys mourning their own demise.

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Business Focus Photo April 26, 2014

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats … and Other Modern Myths

If the National Geographic photos are aimed at social reform, they document something else as well: the shift in modernism from a utopian to a dystopian trajectory.

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Culture Focus Photo April 10, 2014

Refugee World

So, what’s new about refugee camps? Well, perhaps it’s notable that they are being built in Las Vegas.

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Photography/Photojournalism Photo March 16, 2014

Random Acts of Photography … and Public Good

Whatever else happened on February 25th, there was someone in Vancouver who wasn’t working on branding, who wasn’t worried about others free-riding, who was willing to spend time and money and effort to improve the commons.

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International Focus Photo March 5, 2014

On the Russian Military Using Unmarked Uniforms

If soldiers are not wearing insignia, they are partially out of uniform; if they are partially out of uniform, they are that much closer to being private militias, gangs, or thugs.

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International Focus Photo February 28, 2014

Murder as Damn(ed) Good Art: Robert Hariman on Organized Crime World Press Winner

The mob knew it wasn’t enough to kill its enemies; the killings had to be displayed to the viewing public. But the photographer isn’t a lackey of the mob.

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