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Advertising Watch Photo February 4, 2012

Matthew’s Day Off: Or, Why 2012 Super Bowl Ads Drowning in Nostalgia

In the Super Bowl ad nostalgia of 2012, corporations and advertising people they employ are working hard to convince us that things in this decade aren’t so different from the past fifty or so years. ...Funny why that is.

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Business Focus Photo March 24, 2011

(M)arch Madness

Sports Illustrated's tournament cover photo "feats" how the NCAA, sports coaches and Madison Avenue are profiting to the stratosphere.

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Business Focus Photo February 6, 2011

Snickering Super Bowl Ads: Whiny Liberals Mowed Down in Logging Accident

There was a lot of violence yesterday during Sunday’s Super Bowl broadcast, although most of it happened during the commercial breaks. How could red-blooded, faux patriotic right-wing America not have cheered!

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Business Focus Photo February 5, 2011

Super Bowl: Enter the Matrix

So maybe this isn’t "The Matrix," but "2001," the screen a monolith jammed into human consciousness by aliens. Except these aliens aren’t trying to usher in a new human race, but rather, one attuned completely to the corporate enterprise of buying-and-selling.

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Sports Focus Photo February 3, 2011

Super Bowl: Two Faces of Ben

CNN/SI calls Ben Roethlisberger chastened and humbled and runs this photograph to support the idea: a Ben that stares into the heavens, his mouth slightly open in awe, his eyes almost dewy. But what remains is Ben’s wild playoff beard and the contradiction of American sports: redemption has...

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