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Culture Focus Photo February 14, 2012

How To Look at a Woman's Body: World Press Photo and the New Amazons

This picture as a photographic object must undergo the same difficult process of interpretation – is it a kind of pornography or a protest item that raises the awareness of FEMEN’s cause?

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Culture Focus Photo February 8, 2012

There is Bono, and then there is Africa

It is strikingly clear that musician-turned-humanitarian Bono, not Ghana (nor any needy child), takes the starring role in Adrian Steirn’s Pictures from Ghana.

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Culture Focus Photo January 11, 2012

Streep-Thatcher: Beyond the Brooch

If "The Iron Lady" should be a cause for critique of the history and legacy of Thatcherism, instead Streep-Thatcher, and the ability of the celebrity to obscure the political image, is a generator of apathy.

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