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Originals Photo May 29, 2012

Spicy Tuna, Giant Clam and Radiation Roll Revisted (Photo by Mario Tama)

With radioactive tuna now showing up on the West Coast, we thought this June 2001 photo by Mario Tama was worth a second look.

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Mario Tama Photo April 3, 2012

Trayvon Through Another Black Man-Child: Three Views From Photographer Mario Tama

Likely close in age to the eleven-year-old Tayvon Martin in the widely adopted photo of the dead seventeen-year-old, these photos of Seminole County resident Jayden Jackson by Getty photographer Mario Tama draw out different dimensions of the tragedy.

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Mario Tama Photo October 6, 2011

Wall Street Occupation: Looking Down on Mr. Tambourine Man

To the surprise of just about everyone now, however, what both sides are realizing, more so with each passing day, is how much each has skin in the game.

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Politics Photo September 26, 2011

Over Netanyahu’s Shoulder: A (Telephoto) Analysis of the Prime Minister’s U.N. Speech Edits

If Netanyahu, as he scribbled away at the rhetorical edges, was feeling a sense of urgency about the opportunity for peace, its seems more motivated out of fear that the Palestinians had scored a coup with their statehood application than anything else.

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9/11 Photo September 10, 2011

Our 9/11 Tenth Anniversary Portrait … Going the Other Way

Thankfully, friend and brilliant photographer, Mario Tama, sent me this a couple days ago, a photo unique out of the 9/11-remembrance constellation, if for one thing, by simply managing not to take itself too seriously.

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Disaster Focus Photo June 22, 2011

Mario Tama: Spicy Tuna, Giant Clam and Radiation Roll

This photo from a N.Y. sushi restaurant takes on a different sense given that the ocean off Japan will likely soon up its glow, and those domestic nuke plants we've been rock-bottom assured are bulletproof might not be.

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Disaster Focus Photo January 11, 2011

The Haiti Earthquake +1

Mario Tama has been commemorating ritual anniversaries by returning to specific places and re-photographing scenes he had captured before. On this one year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake, the images quietly express the overarching present reality of an event that so galvanized the world a year ago.

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Culture Focus Photo October 24, 2010

Mario Tama: Dan Choi

With DADT still ambiguous at best, there's more in play here than just a pleased Dan Choi after he, to his surprise, was able to re-enlist.

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Mario Tama Photo September 8, 2009

School Skirmish: "Oh Brother" Vs. "Big Brother"

I'm rather proud of this image, given how the Administration deflected the latest wingnut flak.

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Culture Focus Photo August 15, 2009

Woodstock's 40th. (Righteous!)

The Woodstock 40-year anniversary music festival offers the chance for reflection, nostalgia... and time out from the haters.

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Mario Tama Photo July 1, 2009

Geither Watch: Tim 2.0

After a bit of a rocky start, the Tim Geithner reboot hits pay dirt.

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Mario Tama Photo June 1, 2009

The Horror

Even if it's just an odd glance, the fact Fritz looks aghast -- as well as sealed in the hybrid -- lets me feel a major horror went down today.

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Mario Tama Photo April 4, 2009

Reflecting On The Meltdown

In this photo from yesterday's anti-capitalist demonstration in New York's financial district, Getty photographer Mario Tama captures America's split between anger and denial and haves and have nots.

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Mario Tama Photo February 4, 2009

Ground Zero 2009

I find this image from Mario Tama particularly fitting given Obama's crack down today on executives whose firms have been scoring bail-out dollars.

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Business Focus Photo February 1, 2009

Pfizer/Viagra's Handy CEO

This BAGnewsNotes slideshow, featuring the images of Getty photographer Mario Tama, looks at CEOs, especially as they come under new scrutiny from the administration and the press. The images were captured at press conference last week featuring Pfizer CEO Jeffrey B. Kindler and Bernard Poussot, CEO of Wyeth. Pfizer...

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Mario Tama Photo December 22, 2007

N.O. Demolition

On Thursday, over intense public opposition, the NO city council approved HUD's plan to demolish 4500 units of public housing and replace them with "mixed income development."  Photographer Mario Tama -- who has been documenting one of the existing projects on and off for the past 6 months...

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