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Middle East Watch Photo October 30, 2023

On Photography, Oct. 7, and Palestinians Under the Gun in Jerusalem

Philip Perdue examines Jerusalem news images after the Oct. 7 attack, showing how camera angles shape views and have moral consequences.

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COVID 19 Photo June 27, 2021

Picturing Vaccination Reluctance Among Conservative Christians

Vaccination reluctance in these small Appalachian towns is less a matter of politics or social responsibility than a complex conflict with faith.

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Culture Focus Photo January 11, 2021

The Cult Of Trump In Its Last Throes

In the assault on the Capitol, the distinction between faith, nation, and godhead finally and completely broke down.

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Protest Focus Photo June 17, 2020

Tabloids Get Black Man’s “Heroic” Rescue of White Hooligan Exactly Backwards

Take away the celebration and what we have is a visual testament to the way black people have historically been weighed down and burdened by the white man. 

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Campaign '20 Photo April 12, 2020

The Infected Primary

When the democratic process poses a clear and present danger, we should all be able to admit that political malfunction is staring us in the face.

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Coronavirus Photo March 3, 2020

Faith Versus the Coronavirus

Where faith is the first line of defense against illness, we are watching appeals to divine intervention succumb to the untamed physics of COVID-19. 

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Militarism Photo February 10, 2020

Under MAGA, the Convergence of Militia and State

Those armed men prowling the Kentucky statehouse made one thing clear. Second amendment activism has fused with the militia movement and white supremacy.

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Philip Perdue Photo December 23, 2019

Christmas Back With a Vengeance: Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Cages

The nativity protest photo hit a nerve: Imagining what might happen if the most well-known refugee family in the world tried to seek asylum in today’s USA.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo November 25, 2019

Trump’s Thanksgiving Wingman: Pence in Iraq

Pence can be counted on to deliver a steady diet of visual comfort food, indulging those who hunger for a return to the political style of Ronald and Nancy.

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Politics Photo April 22, 2019

The Barr Code: Why the Mueller Redactions Went Viral

The Barr version of the Mueller Report confirms Trump’s lasting legacy as a black out.

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Philip Perdue Photo March 13, 2019

S/He Wore A Pearl Necklace

The necklace stunt reminds us that guns, masculinity, and domination hang together as part of a hard right political style.

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Philip Perdue Photo February 18, 2019

Just Don’t Call it Socialism

Williamson's photo of Americans outside a free health clinic brings the discussion of "socialism," and/or a more humane social policy into greater focus.

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Philip Perdue Photo January 29, 2018

Midterms Mania and one Candidate’s Wife’s Purple Hair

"I like the idea of Congress being exposed, as much as possible, to women who rock the purple hair and to the men who admire them." An eye on Indiana's 9th.

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Business Focus Photo November 16, 2017

From Da Vinci to Mnuchins, Obscene Wealth as Gospel

The era of billionaire populism is going to be remembered with pictures like this.

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Campaign '16 Photo August 9, 2016

Far Right Pounces on 6 Month Old Hillary (Porch) Stumble

Hillary haters love to pounce on every visible sign that Mrs. Clinton has an actual human body.

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Campaign '16 Photo May 5, 2016

Kim Jong Trump: A Good Fit?

The photograph shows how mythical imagery and catchy slogans work similarly on the imagination, even if we're not entirely comfortable parading them around publicly.

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Campaign '16 Photo December 8, 2015

Trump as Führer. It Doesn’t Happen on its Own.

Yes, stylistic echoes of the Führer are inescapable. But it's more complicated than that.

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Faith Focus Photo September 28, 2015

On that Photo of the Pope and a Prisoner Holding Hands in Philadelphia

Condensing his visit to one powerful scene, the photo captures Pope Francis's challenge to America and its uncompromising political class to reach out.

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