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International Focus Photo January 18, 2016

In Light of a Nuclear Deal: Newsha Tavakolian’s Photos from Iran

In spite of the political new dawn, is the day of a warring Iran ending or just beginning?

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Business Focus Photo October 29, 2015

In Spite of Cancer Link, Meat Never Looked So Good

We aren’t invited to question how the American food industry prepares meat. According to the imagery, it's the public's willpower that is on the hook.

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Visual Forensics Photo October 29, 2013

My Lai, Sexual Assault and the Black Blouse Girl: Forty-Five Years Later, One of America’s Most Iconic Photos Hides Truth in Plain Sight

What are we to make of this erasure, one that indicates sexual violence in the light of day? And why is it that most Americans readily recognize the “Napalm Girl” but not the “Black Blouse Girl?”

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