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Notes Photo May 15, 2014

Missing the Big Picture: How Cecily McMillan, Convicted of Assault, Was Violently Assaulted by NYPD at M17 Occupy Protest

 What is curious about Cecily McMillan's ordeal is that, in spite of the mountain of critical fragments that were captured and published, the visuals have failed to focus the public mind around a smoking gun.

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Notes Photo February 18, 2013

Protest Headwear: From Pussy Riot to Palestine

As one of our main themes here is the evolution of protest -- and the news galleries are also filled with Fashion Week here and Fashion Week there -- I was wondering about your take on these photos of Pussy Riot and Palestinian protesters.

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Notes Photo January 28, 2013

On the Wrong Side of History: Further Thoughts on an Iconic Civil Rights Photograph

If Gadsden is kicking his knee into the police dog’s throat, it’s very likely a defensive reaction

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Salon Photo April 11, 2011

BagNewsSalon: Assignment Egypt

On Sunday, March 20th, BagNewsSalon is hosting an online panel looking at the media's visual framing of the Egypt uprising. We encourage you to listen in, recommend the discussion to colleagues and also recommend students to view this lively deconstruction of key media images.

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