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Notes Photo June 29, 2004

Leading Photos: Not Ready for Prime Time?

I couldn’t help featuring this image of the new Iraqi leadership. With the surprise, early (one might say “hasty”) announcement of the transfer of power, these folks got a lot of play in this morning’s papers. However, few images were as unceremonial and disconcerting and this one in the...

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Notes Photo June 28, 2004

Lead Photos: The Hand that Rocks the Hand Over

Although we’re rapidly becoming familiar with hostage photos, the specific content of one is always unique from another. Also, the selection of one specific shot over another or the specific composition of the shot will also carry particular associations. How would you read the political subtext of this lead...

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Notes Photo June 24, 2004

Leading Photos: Superior Fighting Machine

This lead photo from Monday’s New York Times has been on my mind for a few days now. The caption reads: Sgt. Luke Wilson, who lost a leg in Iraq, walks with a device known as a C-leg while technicians use a computer to monitor it at Walter Reed...

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Notes Photo June 16, 2004

Report From New York

Above, you’ll find an image of the riots at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in 1968. As you can see, things got out of hand. Apparently, a lot of people were upset about a war at that time. Here in NYC, we’re gearing up for a Republican National Convention...

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Notes Photo May 28, 2004

Not Seeing Eye To Eye

So, why did the Boston Globe specifically choose this shot from the Mueller/Ashcroft press conference for Thursday’s front page? (The meeting involved a warning to the public of a possible summer attack on the U.S.) a.) good composition (with terrorist framed in the middle) b.) striking lack of eye...

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