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Notes Photo August 26, 2014

What That Picture From Michael Brown's Funeral Does That Few Photos Ever Do

If we're talking about the tone of a news photo, which we often do, we're either addressing its visual gradations or it's emotional quality, not something audible.

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Notes Photo August 24, 2014

Ferguson: White Fantasies

I was completely captivated by this white male cop helping the white female cop strap on her helmet, the trunk and the doors of the patrol car protecting "the couple" like a dressing room.

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Notes Photo August 23, 2014

Why I like the Businessweek Scott Olson Ferguson Cover

Perhaps it’s because of how it breaks from the unrelenting theme of the white police force versus the young black male.

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Notes Photo August 21, 2014

The Video of the Killing of Kajieme Powell and the Killing of Michael Brown

Don't let people label this a freak coincidence considering how tweaked St. Louis police must be over the anger in the streets in Ferguson.

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Notes Photo August 20, 2014

Losing Michael Brown to the Spectacle? — #Ferguson and the #Press

If the images and the tension, as seen through the photos and the media lens, felt more raw and spontaneous last week, I'm finding myself scaling back my diet of reporting and waiting for news.

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Notes Photo August 19, 2014

On that Picture of Obama Dancing During the Ferguson Turmoil

Until white right-wing critics suddenly become the official arbiters of political correctness, let's just say the President has many roles to play in public.

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Notes Photo August 15, 2014

Irony of Ironies: Ferguson PD Offers Surveillance Pics of Michael Brown as “Smoking Gun"

Because when you step back, this photo impugns the intent of the Ferguson police and just lends more credence to the fear that they, along with that "named officer," have blood on their hands.

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Notes Photo August 13, 2014

Beyond the Hoodie: Michael Brown's Extended Arms

After the Michael Brown killing, the symbolism that emerges as standing for the systemic dehumanization of young black males is the gesture of extending one's arms to the sky.

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Notes Photo August 12, 2014

If it Loots, it Leads: Stereotyping the Police Shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson

For these acts and images to do more than express the release of anger over one more senseless killing is still another textbook example of America's racial and class polarization.

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