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Notes Photo May 8, 2016

Matt Black: From Flint to Hiroshima

It’s consistently impressive how much Matt Black can put in play in one frame.

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Notes Photo March 18, 2016

The Most Innocent Picture in the World

The telltale element of the day was that simple bottle of H2O.

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Notes Photo February 12, 2016

On that Startling Flint Photo of 3 African-American Kids Toting Water

Showing kids who could, if not for the skin color, be coming home to Park Avenue from private schools brings home how universal the need for water is.

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Notes Photo January 29, 2016

Flint: Raise Your Glasses

Whether or not they're swilling the river brand, the photo catches Flint's bureaucrats red handed.

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Notes Photo January 28, 2016

On that Flint – Detroit Water Comparison Photo

So, I’ve been looking at this Flint crisis picture for a week now and it’s still not sitting well.

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Notes Photo January 1, 2016

To 2016 — And Photos Like We’ve Never Seen

In the new year, we're going to see a lot more wondrous and unusual imagery at the intersection of science, technology and nature.

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Notes Photo December 27, 2015

Winter is Missing. Congress, too.

With conservatives controlling both chambers, the reaction is predictable: are you going to believe us, or your own eyes?

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Notes Photo December 10, 2015

The Market Fiddles While Beijing Lungs Burn

The fact this photo appears during the crucial Paris climate summit raises its relevance, and the anxiety, to a whole different level.

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Notes Photo December 4, 2015

The Climate Crisis (& Why You’ve Gotta Love Those Businessweek Covers)

If PC is out the window, in this case, it's perfectly called for.

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Notes Photo December 2, 2015

Paris Earth Summit: Visual Activism Rises to the Climate

With the Paris climate summit following on the heels of a vicious terror attack, the atmosphere for visual activism could not be more elevated.

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Notes Photo May 20, 2015

Like Oil and Water

When it comes to the key issues of our time, how much does photography inform and how much does it entertain?

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Notes Photo May 6, 2015

Remember that Angry Penguin? Now it's the Cows.

As climate change gains more visibility in the public square, it's interesting to observe how creatures are playing a supporting role.

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Notes Photo April 28, 2015

Volcanic Exceptionalism: Why America Treats Every Disturbance Abroad Like it’s Looking in a Mirror

People from the United States have been looking at South American volcanoes and seeing them as metaphors for what’s happening at home for at least one hundred and fifty years.

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Notes Photo April 22, 2015

On That “Angry" Penguin

Of all the nature and eco images I’ve seen lately, this hit me like a bucket of ice water.

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Notes Photo April 21, 2015

Mediterranean Crisis: Ecology is About People, Too

Isn't it curious how people tend to think about "ecology" as it relates to plants and air and water and less in terms of humanity and how much we look out for each other.

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Notes Photo April 18, 2015

Spring Time in the Dust Bowl

This photograph doesn’t tell us anything important that we don’t know, but it does provide the means to think about what we would rather ignore.

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Notes Photo April 10, 2015

The Drought Doesn't Discriminate by Class or Ethnicity: Balazs Gardi in the Central Valley

After all the sensational and stereotyped coverage of the immigration issue, Gardi's photos parse Mother Nature from Beltway nature.

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Notes Photo April 7, 2015

On Damon Winter's "Divided" Photos of California's Water Crisis

The question is: how much is the photo more static and dread-laden, and how much is it more "fluid"?

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