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Notes Photo June 22, 2012

Egypt's Muslim Sisterhood: How We See Them or How They See Themselves?

Veiled and separate, the women depicted in this Time photo essay are political players who note their inequality even while participating in it. Is it simply a Western view or are these photographs slightly subversive?

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Notes Photo May 9, 2012

The N. Carolina Marriage Amendment: Feeling the Loss

If there is a bright side, perhaps the photo also alludes to future involvement and activism.

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Notes Photo May 5, 2012

Newsflash: Franco Still Dead and Obama Still Black

The real news here is that swift boat season is underway!

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Notes Photo April 24, 2012

Loaded Images from a St. Petersburg Abortion Clinic

I look at them closely and feel glad neither of them are forced to be mothers at a young age.

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Notes Photo February 2, 2012

Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Acceptance in One Photo

You have to read the caption to understand the situation, but once you do, you get a glimpse of how real-life America has incorporated what the media feels is outside the norm.

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Notes Photo September 2, 2011

“Mao” like Mao than Martin

MLK’s sculpture portrays a monumental, stern, and even defiant Martin Luther King. Somewhat at odds with the Jesus-like makeover the press has given him.

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Notes Photo August 3, 2011

A Feast of Famine Pictures From Somalia … and What a Photo "Ought to Do"

Times’ Executive Editor Bill Keller says photographs like this “ought to disturb us, at least.” But if that’s all he’s asking a photograph to do, to deliver the “concern” in “concern photojournalism,” Keller (and Salon) are missing the point.

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Notes Photo March 24, 2011

The “Fukushima 50”

I find the photos interesting in their anonymity -- consistent, I assume, with the way Japanese orient to the group as much as Americans obsesses over the individual, and look high and low, even more intensely since 9/11, for "the hero."

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Notes Photo October 13, 2010

Hostage Crisis?

Maybe it was Paladino's nervous mannerisms, his reference to "brainwashing," the hovering religious fundamentalists, or his frequent inability to look up from the "script" handed him, but "captive" was a word that came to mind while watching the Paladino speech at Karlsburg Rabbinical College in Brooklyn Sunday.

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Notes Photo September 7, 2010

Obama: It’s a Dog’s Life

Did Obama's canine reference signify real push back, or are we making more out of it than just one riff.

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