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Notes Photo April 14, 2015

Watch This Digital Life

When it comes to organizing daily patterns of mobility and interaction, our machines steer us around just as much as we do.

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Notes Photo April 5, 2015

Indiana's March Madness

This odd notion that we can bracket our politics from the wide world of sports is getting harder and harder to embrace.

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Notes Photo March 15, 2015

Looking For Holes in the Marathon Bomber's Story

Considering the high stakes when it comes to terrorism and the law, you can understand why the Feds want to make sure there aren't any holes in their story.

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Notes Photo March 8, 2015

Milestone Optics: Obama’s Pettus Bridge Vs. Bush’s Mission Accomplished

We are looking at a strategic decision to visually frame the president's 50th anniversary Selma speech as a mile marker on a long road toward racial justice.

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Notes Photo March 1, 2015

Through CPAC-Colored Glasses

Real patriotism doesn't mean just loving your country; rather, we true patriots embody the country.

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Notes Photo February 22, 2015

Award Season and Western Cultural Exports

If the 2015 Oscars expose a diversity problem with western cultural exporting, then the selection by POY doubles down on the indictment.

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Notes Photo December 22, 2014

Having the Goods on Cuba

Call this unattributed Reuters photo a dig at the communist version of a big box store.

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Notes Photo November 9, 2014

Glory as a Stage Show: On Mark Peterson’s Vegas Megachurch Photos

Peterson’s photograph places us right down front at a high-energy, high-tech, multi-media extravaganza where lights, camera, and action are the name of the game.

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Notes Photo October 9, 2014

…And on the Home Front, U.S. History Activists Go Full Norman Rockwell

If the optics coming out of Hong Kong over the past few weeks make visual democracy look like a western export, it’s worth pausing to notice how the look and feel of civil dissent is taking shape out west.

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Notes Photo September 2, 2014

When Critical Issues Make For "Bottom-Tier" Visual Stories: Take Education

Save historical exceptions on the scale of Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957, it is difficult to imagine developments in education policy as visually spectacular events.

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Notes Photo July 4, 2012

Hell’s Fire, the Air Force Stealth Chapel, and a More Cosmic Evil

If you’re looking for a visual representation of the End of Days, this image is as good as any.

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Notes Photo April 5, 2012

Pink Slime — Plus, the Return of Rick Perry!

When the public found out last week that most of the country’s beef has ammonia-infused pink slime in it, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback and his buddy Rick from Texas headed over to the pink slime factory in Nebraska for some damage-controlling photographs.

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Notes Photo March 25, 2012

Putting the Atheist Point A-Cross

Looking at photos of the Reason Rally, I’m struck by how many ralliers depend on religious iconography to visually express their atheism.

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Notes Photo March 21, 2012

The Obama Flag

For all the symbolic weight still invested in the Stars and Stripes, it’s easy to see how swapping out the fifty states with "The One" plays right into alarmist narratives about the European-style socialist Obama taking over.

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Notes Photo March 19, 2012

Santorum in the Flesh

Having just committed himself to stamping out pornography in the U.S., might we be looking at the emperor with no clothes?

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Notes Photo March 16, 2012

Three Men with Beards

Since the visibility of married gay couples has not yet become normalized within the optics of State, it’s hard not to read this as a significant symbolic moment.

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Notes Photo March 3, 2012

The Abbottabad Landscape: Disappearing bin Laden

The absence of bin Laden’s lair sends a clear signal that yes, the man himself is really, truly gone.

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Notes Photo February 18, 2012

Last Word on the Afghan War: That’s Entertainment?

Afghan landscape meets global war on terror meets ... John Bonham?

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