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Notes Photo November 12, 2012

The Petraeus – Broadwell Pictures: It's not about Sex, it's about Idolatry

What the photos offer us right there on the surface is the God-General on his throne, doing what he does best.

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Notes Photo July 18, 2012

Weiners and People

Given that Weiner was Congressional Washington's closest thing to a porn star, how much symbolism can you pack into a simple family photo?

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Notes Photo July 17, 2012

A Closer Look at ’99 Photo of Sandusky Touching a Player

There's more to appreciate here beyond just the irony we read in an instant. ... As there often is.

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Notes Photo June 12, 2012

The Mountaintop Mining "Kiddie Porn" Smear: The Photo Must Be Seen

Once we start censoring images with this kind of significance, especially in this visually-driven culture, I think we're lost.

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Notes Photo June 3, 2012

John Edwards: Best and Last Look

If tolerance for John Edwards is pretty low, these photos at the conclusion of his trial caught our eye.

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Notes Photo April 19, 2012

Reading the Photo of U.S. Troops Posing With Afghan Suicide Bomber Body Parts

Before The LA Times takes too much credit for putting forth two images (out of eighteen) of U.S. troops posing with body parts of Afghan suicide bombers, let's note that the only overt suicide bomber photo is hard to even make out.

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Notes Photo March 21, 2012

Skittles and Murder

After Trayvon, the most infamous snack food since the Twinkie.

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Notes Photo March 18, 2012

And DOD's Flattering Pics of Bales are Evidence of What?

In releasing these healthy and hearty photos of Robert Bales in the field, is the DOD looking out for its soldier, or for a system that broke him?

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Notes Photo November 14, 2011

The Penn State Mural and the Cover-Up of Jerry Sandusky

The new mural simultaneously represents an effort to revise history (the institution's detaching itself from an infamous figure) and an awareness of implications of that act.

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Notes Photo September 22, 2011

Eyes on Mrs. MacPhail

What's troubling me is the symbiotic and increasingly parasitical relationship that now exists between citizens and the media, evidenced by the way Anneliese MacPhail, the mother of the slain police officer, and the photographer for the Atlanta paper are using each other.

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Notes Photo July 25, 2011

Newsweek, DSK & Murdoch: Maid for Each Other

What a blatantly impressive visual device to justify this sleaze cover story, also exploiting the tabloid-void as the Murdoch empire goes limping.

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Notes Photo July 20, 2011

Murdoch Testimony: Early Alzheimers?

Too often, it seemed Rupert's difficulty understanding questions or recalling facts was less because he was non-co-operative or pretending to be out-of-the loop than it had to do with the fact that the aging titan might be losing his faculties.

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Notes Photo July 19, 2011

The Wendi Deng Show

I'm not suggesting Murdoch's new PR firm had anything to do with the shaving cream attack on Murdoch in front of the Parliament hearing Tuesday. God no. But they might keep that crackpot in mind come Christmas.

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Notes Photo

Murdoch's Eagle

Will Heaven at the Telegraph totally captured Rupert Murdoch with this photo last week in the aptly titled post, "Rupert Murdoch takes his grisly revenge on the world." (And yeah, the Uncle Junior analogy hits where it hurts, too.)

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Notes Photo July 18, 2011

Cracking News Corp Open and Lachlan's Tat Too

If it feels like we're inside with the Murdoch clan (and the new heir to the monstrosity), maybe we are.

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Notes Photo July 14, 2011

Brit Hacking Scandal Who's (Using) Who: Cameron – Dowlers BFFs?

If the Dowler's got what they wanted yesterday, so, too -- with this photo -- did Cameron.

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Notes Photo July 13, 2011

Assange Optics: Pushback on the "Sex Charge" Show

If Assange has been out off the radar for a while, perhaps the break has given him a chance to regroup.

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Notes Photo July 12, 2011

Only Murdoch Mug Shot So Far is a Smiley Face

A photographer friend, responding to this pic in the NYT Lens "photos of the day" slideshow, wrote to ask why most pictures of Rupert Murdoch, since the hacking scandal broke, show him looking so upbeat. And now I'm wondering too.

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