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Notes Photo June 16, 2011

Boehner's Ciggy

If we already know Washington is a lot more like Hollywood than real life, this photo is a profoundly rare everyday visual example of it, helping us to actually see with our own eyes how little correlation there is between personality and behavior, and the communications and scenes were...

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Notes Photo June 1, 2011

More War Branding: Chevy Brings Heros Home

No, this Chevy ad doesn't have the buzz factor of the subtle Bud "Gay's in the military" tribute, it just panders straight out.

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Notes Photo May 25, 2011

Paul Ryan "Listening" and the Point of the Flag

With last night's blue bellweather win in NY-26, these photos --easily missed in late April -- assert and start to clarify the dynamic between the Republican agenda and the public, particularly seniors.

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Notes Photo May 9, 2011

Kandahar and the Distraction War

Just thought we'd take a brief look at some routine media practices in light of the brazen Taliban assault on the government and security infrastructure in Kandahar.

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Photo May 8, 2011

Framing Osama (and Obama)

If the point here is that bin Laden was overly scripted -- as well as overly concerned with his image, given the fact his beard is jet black while in other time-related pics and vids it is grey -- I give the DoD and the White House about a...

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Notes Photo April 14, 2011

Scott Walker: The Factory Photo-Op

Here's the photo of Scott Walker addressing factory workers that got picked up by the AP, and which also ran in yesterday's NYT update article. Great visual, right? ...By design, that's true.

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Notes Photo September 22, 2010

So Long Larry: My Favorite Summers Shot

The timing of this portrait was as interesting as the image itself, coming just six days after Obama's inauguration and helping set, or better yet, confuse the tone of what was billed as a progressive new Administration.

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Notes Photo September 13, 2010

The Beck/Palin Roadshow: Take a Lesson

Overall, I continue to appreciate Glenn Beck's brilliant reframing of the Tea Party* and the extremistic messaging of the far right, building on his huge rally in D.C. on the anniversary of MLK's "I have a dream" speech. In this shot from Beck/Palin's rally on 9/11 this weekend...

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Notes Photo August 31, 2010

Will the Last Regiment to Leave Iraq Please Turn ON the Lights

Looking at this photo from the brilliant AP propaganda slideshow of the U.S. leaving Iraq last week, I could help thinking of this cartoon.

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Notes Photo August 29, 2010

A 2nd Reason Glenn Luther King Hit it Out of the Park in DC – They Left the Signs at Home

In removing signs from his rally at the Washington Memorial, Beck did more than just conjure up the appearance of sanctity and kumbaya. He also transferred the picture of anger and hysteria onto the

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Notes Photo April 8, 2010

The Tiger Morality Play (Cha-Ching)

Have you seen the new Masters commercial? Nike assumes the fallen Tiger has undergone a moral re-education ... for more woooshing profits. Have you seen the new Masters commercial? Nike assumes the fallen Tiger has undergone a moral re-education ... for more woooshing profits.

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Notes Photo March 24, 2010

Afghan Update: I’m Sure You’re Dying to Have Your Picture Taken

Maybe there's a reason -- besides the success of the surge -- that we're seeing fewer photos of U.S. casualties in Afghanistan.

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Notes Photo January 10, 2010

John and Elizabeth Edwards: Psycho Mutants, or Just Political Run-of-the-Mill?

The critical take-away here is to avoid vilifying or pathologizing John and Elizabeth Edwards, then walking away. The point and the opportunity, instead, (although lost on NY Mag) is to appreciate how much personality framing propagated by the handlers and perpetuated by the media makes it near impossible to...

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Notes Photo

McChrystal Doing Stand Up

That McChystal really is a piece of work.

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Notes Photo December 21, 2009

Best of the Bag Decade: BAG Looks at the Iraq War

(The Best of the Bag Decade is our end of the year, end of the decade look at some of the best BAGnews posts and analysis.) The Iraq War has been (and still is) a frequent subject on BAGnews and, frankly, such a topic of government and media spin...

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Notes Photo November 23, 2009

Champagne Days

After eeking out Senate vote just to START health debate, Harry Reid making love, if cute, not so sweet.

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Notes Photo November 18, 2009

The Relevance of BAGnews

Let's face it, pixels are playing a fundamental role both in the political and culture wars as well as the commercialization of visual culture. BAGnews is a response, an alternative, and an evolving mission to speak truth to visual power.

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Notes Photo November 16, 2009

Those Talking White House Walls

Rachel Maddow looks at what's on the walls in the White House reality show.

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