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Notes Photo August 2, 2015

On Light, God, Photography … and That Moment Just Before the Bad Thing Happens

The point isn't that photography is God, or that God is a photograph. But we are in fact dealing with a mode of communication that freezes time and space, obeys its own laws, is both visual and grammatical, and does more to generate meaning—and generates more meaning—than we can...

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Notes Photo July 26, 2015

How to Understand the Newly Released 9/11 Photo of Dick Cheney with his “Foot Up”

Anyone reading a smug indifference, even if that's characteristic of Cheney most of the time, would understand at some level that it’s misattributed here.

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Notes Photo March 15, 2015

Looking For Holes in the Marathon Bomber's Story

Considering the high stakes when it comes to terrorism and the law, you can understand why the Feds want to make sure there aren't any holes in their story.

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Notes Photo March 10, 2015

ISIS Art Attack: Less than Meets the Eye?

If the amount of authentic art in the ISIS video truly is nominal, the question is how much (more) we are being manipulated?

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Notes Photo January 27, 2015

Six Photos to Consider on the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz

This is not a post about remembrance as much as it is about the applicability, universality and the visual influence of the occasion.

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Notes Photo January 25, 2015

Syria-Tokyo-Cairo: The Information and the Drama As One

If scenes of terror and trauma used to be something you had to notice, today they're ubiquitous.

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Notes Photo January 16, 2015

The Boko Haram Massacre from Outer (or is it, Inner?) Space

Amidst the world wide attention and outrage focused on the murders in Paris last week, one could also hear a faint cry -- about a double standard.

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Notes Photo January 13, 2015

Our Take on the New Charlie Hebdo "Muhammad" Cover

The first Charlie Hebdo post-attack cover is brilliant and humane on two scores, one that is obvious and the other that is less so.

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Photo January 11, 2015

Paris Post-Charlie: Questions and Comments in Getty's Newswire Street Photos

I know the majority of news attention went to the solidarity march in Paris on Sunday. I was more struck, however, by the angles and ideas percolating, non-verbally of course, in Getty's newswire photos from Saturday.

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Notes Photo January 9, 2015

You Know What's Strange About The Viral Photo of the Blacked-Out Eiffel Tower?

It makes you wonder (or makes me wonder, anyway) about rhythms in the universe.

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Notes Photo January 8, 2015

The Cartoonist's Response to the Terrorist Attack on Charlie Hebdo (and How Hard it is to Take a Joke)

The sphere was awash in cartoons and illustrations yesterday in response to the lethal attack on the French political cartoonist and satirist publication, Charlie Hebdo. This is a summary of the primary examples with some thoughts.

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Notes Photo December 30, 2014

More Best Photos: Alec Soth's Red and White School Shooting Drill

Without a human face to be seen, these two colors end up congealing awkwardly around so much hair and so many tangled body parts, just daring the imagination to yield to their visceral pull.

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Notes Photo December 19, 2014

Theater of War: Quick Takes on Sony's Surrender

Somewhere, Borat is laughing his ass off.

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Notes Photo December 16, 2014

ISIS Hysteria Meets War on Christmas: On the Sydney Hostage Siege Screenshot

Gender-wise, the photo surely did have a voyeuristic and almost sado-sexual vibe to it.

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Notes Photo December 11, 2014

Hey, What's That Thing Behind Cheney?

Nature has a way of crumpling itself up when it’s malnourished.

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Notes Photo December 10, 2014

The Senate CIA Torture Report and Our Favorite Rice Photo of All Time

Given the explosive nature of the torture program and the need for deniability, the ability to lull both the public and the media represented the highest form of art.

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Notes Photo October 23, 2014

The Shooting at the Canadian National War Memorial: What's Going to Last

More than anything, what has been fundamentally altered as a result of yesterday’s events is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier that 24-year-old Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was assign to guard and defend.

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Notes Photo September 18, 2014

From the Islamic State News Desk, Hostage-Anchor John Cantlie Reporting

This op-ed is as impressive for dialing back on the previous execution videos as for taking over a classically Western media format.

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