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Notes Photo November 5, 2013

Fact is, We Can't Get Enough of Hitler

Whereas conventional wisdom is to abhor Hitler, especially in an institution of art, today that's exactly what he has become.

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Notes Photo November 3, 2013

An Attack That Was Waiting to Happen: Guns and the TSA, in Pictures

By displaying inert and disarmed weapons, the TSA emboldens the very critics they would hope to pacify.

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Notes Photo November 2, 2013

LAX Shooting: James Franco Is Safe

I'm looking forward to more updates on Saturday, with pictures, from @jamesfrancotv.

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Notes Photo October 31, 2013

Amnesty International's Hyper-Local and "Hyper-Visual" Public Service Denouncements

If the goal was not just to drive traffic to AI and increase the organization's brand but to also cause people to "imagine it there,"does it create that result, or does it yield a more resistant reaction?

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Notes Photo October 18, 2013

On Banksy's NY Residency: Respect to 9/11

I know the man works quickly so I can't tell how much he intended the petals to appear blackened but it speaks eloquently, both to the horror as well as the re-emergence.

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Notes Photo October 14, 2013

On That Viral Red Sox Home Run Photo on the Boston Globe Cover (and What it Has to Do With the Marathon Bombing)

The overcoming of adversity relates not just to Boston but the country, baseball being America's game.

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Notes Photo September 24, 2013

Putting Those al-Shabab Terrorists to Shame

Now that the shooting phase is over, we enter the spin room.

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Notes Photo September 22, 2013

Things to be Concerned About in the Mall Attack Photos from Nairobi (GRAPHIC)

Another way to understand the danger here has to do with infusing horrific news images with irony.

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Notes Photo September 18, 2013

The Naval Yard Shooting Photo That Wasn't –Then Was

Because our goal is to promote visual and media literacy, The Atlantic's summary of these photos is something to take note of.

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Notes Photo September 13, 2013

Why All the Syrian Execution Imagery in the Major Media Lately? (GRAPHIC)

I would say that these images represent the inclination, on the part of the West, to paint every faction in Syria with a broad bloody brush.

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Notes Photo September 12, 2013

Alan Chin in Lower Manhattan: 9/11 Turns Twelve

Good hack and lensman that I am, I fight for access to restricted areas, bemused that the young men and women in uniforms who see journalists as intrusive adversaries have no idea that, the dozen years back, I was here too.

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Notes Photo September 9, 2013

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid (Without Your AmEx Card)

The galloping anxiety right now surrounding war, dangerous brown people in the Middle East, electronic surveillance, privacy and security agency breaches offers the perfect storm for those Orwellians on Madison Avenue to scare you into, what else, much stronger brand identification.

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Notes Photo August 29, 2013

How Much Before it's Enough? Another Pressing Photo from Damascus.

With so many citizens having died so suddenly and anonymously, these prints stand as much for those trapped in the shells of their homes, their own cars, their own bodies.

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Notes Photo August 28, 2013

Scenes From Chemical Weapon Inspections in Syria … and a Ten Year Itch

What makes these images of UN weapons inspectors on the ground in Mouadamiya, Syria so powerful is how much they also evoke the Bush Administration's 2003 rush to war. Actually seeing UN weapons inspectors allowed to do their jobs following the horrifying mass event last week in Syria is...

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Notes Photo August 22, 2013

Bradley Manning's Lawyer on the Unfairness, and Dignity, We Weren't Allowed to See

What his lawyer wanted us to know is that Manning, against the stereotype of him as diminutive and weak, behaved with dignity and grace under enormous pressure. If allowed, photographs and videos would have reflected that on the air and front pages everywhere.

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Notes Photo August 5, 2013

Major Embassy Terror Threat — and the Chance for the Pictures to Really Show Us Something (Sigh)

The decision to close that many embassies wasn't trivial. What I was curious about is whether the visual media might actually extend itself beyond stereotyping, fear mongering or sensationalizing to really elaborate the threat.

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Notes Photo July 18, 2013

Ready, Aim, Backfire: Police Photographer's "Rolling Stone Retribution" Photos

To the extent that this kid looks so small and exposed, so bloodied and bowed, so targeted by shooters and shooters alike, I wonder if Mr. Murphy and his counterparts aren't feeling now like they should have just finished the job.

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Notes Photo July 16, 2013

Rolling Stone Boston Bomber Cover. Hmm, We Liked It.

Exaggerating and elevating the kid's likeability might arguably be justifiable if it leads citizens beyond the knee-jerk opposite.

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