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Notes Photo May 19, 2011

Remembering Chris Hondros, Part IV

We conclude our series remembering Chris Hondros: Tyler Hicks, Darren McCollester, Shannon Stapleton, James Pomerantz, and Bruno Stevens. Additional photos and videos by Tim Fadek, Mark Ovaska, and Alan Chin.

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Notes Photo April 25, 2011

Remembering Chris Hondros, Part I

Tim Fadek, Spencer Platt, Nicole Tung, and Gary Fabiano share their thoughts on Chris Hondros.

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Notes Photo February 10, 2011

Tim Fadek: Is Social Media Destroying Public Interaction?

Maybe it's a stretch, but I see irony here -- guests seemed to spend more time with their phones than with each other. This begs the question: Outside of virtual, online sociality, does Social Media make us more or less social in person?

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Notes Photo August 24, 2010

A Look Inside Cordoba Prayer Space. Hmm.

So, what's with all the fire extinguishers?

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Notes Photo April 23, 2010

Tim Fadek: Masters Of The Universe

Timothy Fadek photographs Goldman Sachs CEO Blankfein

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Notes Photo March 11, 2010

Your Turn: I Look at Life from Booth Seats Now

Tim Fadek brings us this photo of biography pusher, Karl Rove, who -- in spite of the altitude -- has clearly stepped down a notch.

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Notes Photo December 11, 2008

Decaying Detroit

  Photographer Tim Fadek forwards this image from a story he's working on about "decaying Detroit. It's a timely metaphor.

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Notes Photo August 15, 2006

Qana Was Not Staged

With the firestorm coming from the Rathergate crowd, and doubts now spreading from the left wing about images from Lebanon, it can start to feel like all reason is being subsumed by political hysteria.  At the same time, the field of war photojournalism seems at risk of being tarred...

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Notes Photo June 26, 2005

Terri's Army

Jeb just can't let Terri go.  With his recent decision to investigate Michael Schiavo's role in his wife's medical demise, Jeb Bush and the Right to Life movement demonstrate that there is still mileage to be gained from this entanglement.  In the BAG's recent effort to collaborate with photojournalists,...

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