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Notes Photo May 31, 2016

Steve McCurry’s Rickshaw

If McCurry’s aesthetic and the doctoring to achieve it deserves the criticism, I’m wondering what is positive and worthy for us to learn from it.

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Notes Photo July 29, 2014

David Frum Accuses NYT and Reuters of Staging Gaza Hospital Photos (GRAPHIC)

Certainly, these organizations have better uses of their time right now -- including, keeping their photographers alive while adhering to ethical standards -- without having to contend with libelous charges being leveled on impulse.

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Notes Photo March 27, 2014

The Dysfunctional Guitar: More on the Reuters Syria Photo Controversy

In this atmosphere of doubt, it's worthwhile to consider these images involving the presence of this musical instrument in multiple images. What really convinced me to share them publicly, though, was the confusing and misdirected explanation I received from Reuters after having contacted them.

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Notes Photo October 29, 2013

My Lai, Sexual Assault and the Black Blouse Girl: Forty-Five Years Later, One of America’s Most Iconic Photos Hides Truth in Plain Sight

What are we to make of this erasure, one that indicates sexual violence in the light of day? And why is it that most Americans readily recognize the “Napalm Girl” but not the “Black Blouse Girl?”

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Notes Photo September 18, 2013

Have You Ever Seen the Uncropped Version of the "Napalm Girl?"

So my question is: was this photo cropped entirely for effect? for simplicity sake? or, because the nonchalance of the soldiers would have been like a second napalm hit?

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Notes Photo April 19, 2013

Thoughts on the Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Photos

While police hunt the remaining Boston Marathon suspect on the streets and Watertown, Massachusetts, our thoughts on the media's presentation of the real and imagined bombing suspects.

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