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Notes Photo April 23, 2018

With Media Fixated on the Terror, a Good Time to Look Again at Everyday Middle East

With western media concentrated on Gaza and Douma, crisis and violence again come to stereotype the Middle East and Islam.

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Notes Photo August 31, 2017

Harvey Unprecedented? What About 2 Weeks Ago in Sierra Leone?

Although Harvey's impact seems to be mercifully smaller in ways than recent monster storms overseas, these events call for larger ways to scale them.

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Notes Photo August 27, 2008

The Centrality Of The Normal Family

I thought Michelle Obama's speech was effective and strategic and she came across well.  But, the visual strategies seem to be relentless in their  message of the ideal and happy family. 

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Notes Photo December 16, 2007

Obama Enters The Safe Zone. (Or: At Least We No Longer Have To Hear About Those Soccer Moms)

Perhaps it goes without saying that gender and race are generating plenty of ink this primary season.  In this picture, however, it isn’t a matter of either race or gender but about their intersections, in this case about white anxieties about black masculinity.

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Notes Photo November 30, 2007

Rods from God

Despite long-standing debates about the viability of missile defense technology and the ramifications of “weaponizing” space, a range of websites -- from the Department of Defense’s Missile Defense Agency, to lobbying or advocacy groups, like -- use powerful visual rhetoric to sustain the economic, political and military investment...

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