October 30, 2010

Somewhat Restoring Sanity

This shot seemed to best capture the tone of a very uneven, not-very-focused and not-all-that funny rally.  Of course, Jon Stewart had an extremely difficult task  striking a tone that took hate to task without being guilty of the same. There was an opportunity (interspersed with the shtick), however, to have several eloquent statesmen and women put hate in perspective, and that opportunity was lost. Given the hard times (as opposed to “the end of times,” as differentiated by Stewart in what were credible closing remarks), this rally needed to be far cleverer in order to hug the high road while, at the same time, achieve ironic impact. In the end, unfortunately, there was too much weak SNL, too much “somewhat,” and too much of Stewart and Colbert protecting their Comedy Central brand for this restoration rally to be remembered past Monday.

image: Gawker

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