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Chatting the Pictures Video December 2, 2021

Chatting the Pictures: Stacy Kranitz’s Spotlight Image from Mississippi’s Last Abortion Clinic

As the Supreme Court nears a decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade, we explore the symbolism of this foreboding photograph.

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Chatting the Pictures Video October 3, 2021

Chatting the Pictures: The Most Telling Photos of US Olympic Gymnasts Testifying Against the FBI

There were many photos of the Olympic gymnasts testifying about FBI negligence in their sexual abuse case. But none more assertive than this.

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Chatting the Pictures Video August 21, 2020

Chatting the Pictures: Kamala VP Nod Gets Special Front Page Treatment

In this highlight video, we discuss the "singularity" of the Harris layout. We also consider the scale in terms of the cultural and personal breakthrough.

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Notes Photo March 5, 2020

“Bernie’s Warren Problem” Really Media’s Gender Problem

The photo of Warren on the Edmund Pettus Bridge helps explain why, on the eve of Super Tuesday, everyone was talking about the old white guys.

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Notes Photo August 29, 2019

Remarkably Everyday Photos of a Gender Creative 9-Year-Old with a Passion for Drag

A gender creative 9-year-old who loves drag: photos that portray gender fluidity as its own norm.

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Notes Photo June 19, 2019

Amish and Mennonite Photo Coverage in Face of Sexual Abuse, #MeToo

Because posing for a photo can be interpreted as a form of pride, scenes of the accused often resemble paparazzi shots or perp walks.

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Notes Photo February 6, 2018

Is the Face of Contemporary Feminism Still Too Pink and White?

For many, pink stands for a shared commitment to gender equality. However, the connection to white privilege is not readily shaken off.

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Notes Photo November 1, 2017

Compounding the Weinstein Outrage: How to Visually Cover Sexual Assault

Lurid details and graphic accounts in the Weinstein case do not compensate for the simple fact: there is no adequate imagery to testify to sexual assault.

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Notes Photo March 2, 2017

White Privilege and the Pussy Hat

Gender advocacy needs to reckon with the racism that has been built into the fabric of feminist movements.

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Notes Photo November 21, 2016

What it Means to Look Like a Woman

I fall, again and again, into not seeing breasts in the photographs and so not seeing womanhood.

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Notes Photo September 29, 2016

Between the Hajj and Hijab: New Picture of Islam for U.S. Audiences

Despite my generally positive reaction to these photo projects, depicting Islamic woman as 'just like us, but in hijab’ is still a limiting picture.

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Notes Photo July 27, 2015

35 Cosby Accusers Featured at NY Mag: How the Photography Stands Up to Rape Culture

Given the impact of 35 women telling how Bill Cosby intimidated, drugged, sexually assaulted, and/or raped them, Karrin Anderson explains how New York Magazine’s cover and accompanying portraits use the photo narrative to stand up to rape culture.

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Notes Photo July 8, 2015

Everything Wrong (Including Yes, Journalistically) With The HONY Gay Schoolboy Photo

For a (self)-publisher who has disavowed any similarity to the media, the pairing of this photo with that quote at this point in time demonstrates, in no uncertain terms, an editorial decision to post material with no editorial context.

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Notes Photo June 30, 2015

TIME and Photo Booth: Two Takes on Cosmetic Surgery and the “Opening Up” of Photography

It’s hard to understand the point of capturing artificiality when cosmetic surgery is being presented as a ubiquitous commodity.

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Notes Photo June 2, 2015

The Caitlyn Jenner VF cover: Actually, What the Moment Called For Was Going Beyond Vanity

I, for one (maybe, the only one), think that the V in VF actually matters. Or, that there’s something weird in the culture when the exhibition of vanity is so equated to empowerment.

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Notes Photo March 18, 2015

Ball Gowns and Boots: On the Rebel Fighters’ Beauty Pageant in Donetsk

As fighting continues to rage in portions of Donetsk, Russian-backed rebel fighters recently took time out of their busy schedules to honor International Women’s Day by . . . staging a beauty pageant.

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Notes Photo June 17, 2014

When Photographing Is Forbidden: Making Portraits in the McCarren Park Pool Locker Room by Amy Touchette

It seemed wrong, somehow, to forbid me to photograph these girls. The way they were coming into womanhood—the way they revealed it in their body language and style—mesmerized me. To ignore this demographic seems especially detrimental.

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Notes Photo June 15, 2012

"Victim of Beauty": Glamour of Violence (Once Again)

Given the dismal commonness of images like these, the only thing “cutting edge” about them is the cuts that are left on the edges of the models’ skin.

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