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Notes Photo November 25, 2019

Trump’s Thanksgiving Wingman: Pence in Iraq

Pence can be counted on to deliver a steady diet of visual comfort food, indulging those who hunger for a return to the political style of Ronald and Nancy.

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Notes Photo May 9, 2017

Combat Photographer’s Last Photo a Resounding Media Failure

The rush to publish a combat photographer’s last photo led to a fundamental lack of context and a widespread, culturally tone-deaf photo editing failure.

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Notes Photo March 6, 2017

Tiny Trumps Don’t Shrink the Sexual Power Trip

This Tiny Trump is funny, in essence, because he is smaller than a woman. The joke, ultimately, is at her expense.

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Notes Photo March 1, 2017

Trump’s Address to Congress: What Caught Our Eye

Trump received wide praise for his performance last night addressing a joint session of Congress. The problem is, that's mostly what it was.

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Notes Photo September 11, 2016

Memory, Poetry and Politics: Thoughtful Views from Instagram on the 15th Anniversary of 9/11

Far from the ash and the fireballs, we've collected a group of Instagram photos that evoke 9/11 in a more poetic, historical and/or political way.

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Notes Photo June 5, 2016

Not Again: Photographer David Gilkey, RIP

The black hole known as the Afghan War claims the life of another outstanding photographer.

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Notes Photo October 14, 2015

Why it’s Critical to View the Photos Inside the MSF Hospital in Kunduz

The photos are crucial for the opportunity to substantiate what we only know to be true.

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Notes Photo March 31, 2015

The Anti-ISIS "Coalition" and the Fiction of One Iraq: The Flags Tell You All You Need To Know

You can read any number of articles describing how Iraq and its military is a fiction. But the reality is fluttering right there in the wind.

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Notes Photo February 23, 2015

ISIS Attacks Iraqi Base Full of US Trainers, Ho Hum

Whatever the reasons for the quiet, America's reengagement in Iraq is primarily significant for the lack of attention.

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Notes Photo February 10, 2015

The Masking of Damaged Vets (With an Appearance by Hannibal Lecter). Photo by Lynn Johnson.

While the mask purports to give voice to his inner pain, it also makes it possible for us to observe him (from a distance) without actually seeing him.

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Notes Photo January 27, 2015

Pics from the Wire: The Overarching Obstacle in Iraq

The photo sums up the problem with western engagement -- in duplicate.

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Notes Photo October 6, 2014

Soul Searching Photos Replace “Shock and Awe” as Defense Industry Leads Us into Next Iraq War

As we roll almost mutely into another war, there is no end of high-priced hardware once more ready to burn.

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Notes Photo September 25, 2014

Photoville: War is Not Healthy for Children and Other Living Things

Wars may be easy to get into (and easy to suppose as tactically and emotionally limited) but then the stains just keep spreading.

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Notes Photo September 18, 2014

From the Islamic State News Desk, Hostage-Anchor John Cantlie Reporting

This op-ed is as impressive for dialing back on the previous execution videos as for taking over a classically Western media format.

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Notes Photo September 8, 2014

How the Pictures are Killing Us: The Dynamics of the Sotloff and Foley ISIS Videos

If the Foley and Sotloff videos felt like a piercing blow, if just from the bloodless screen shots, what is it that so pierced us?

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Notes Photo August 20, 2014

Enabling ISIS, the VICE Videos and the Execution of AFP Videographer James Foley

Where are the ethics and the boundaries when the media engagement is so passive, even acquiescent, and the product, so indistinguishable from propaganda that the insurgents feel they can have their way with the exposure?

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Notes Photo July 1, 2014

On that ISIS/ISIL Centerfold

I imagine you’ve seen this gentleman posing here in his outdoor boudoir?

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Notes Photo June 28, 2014

Charlie's Angels

No, I'm not mocking the Iraqi Army or the fact lives are on the line. What I am poking fun at are all the "stage-y" news pictures that end up illustrating a critical story because they're available.

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