January 27, 2015

Pics from the Wire: The Overarching Obstacle in Iraq

If the caption is below, the photo alone sums up the problem with western engagement — in duplicate. If cartoons are prime targets for inflaming cultural and religious sensitivities, what about the newswire? This photo is more than suitable for hanging, posting, billboarding. A little twisted also (the mix of religion and conflict ripe for blasphemy) is the placement of the left hand on the figure.

(photo: Jorge Guerrero/AFP/Getty. caption: Members of the Spanish Legion take part in a farewell ceremony for the contingent making up part of the “Support Iraq” operation, at the base military “Alvarez de Sotomayor in Almeria on Jan. 23, 2015 in Almeria before their departure to Iraq. Some 200 legionnaires will deploy to Iraq to train members of the Iraqi army.)

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