January 29, 2004

If You Just Want The Cartoon…

If you’re a fan of the BAGnews cartoon; OR you were perfectly happy with the old BAGnews.com site; OR you’re not into all this blog business, here’s what to do….

Just bookmark this site, and then CLICK on the little BAG icon that says “Most Recent BAGS.” You’ll get a good fix of just the lastest cartoons.

…If you liked those funky little links on the old site that showing the best BAGs of yesteryear, here they are: (You can still enlarge each image by clicking on the thumbnail.)

Best of BAGnews ’01
Best of BAGnews ’02
Best of BAGnews ’03

Finally, if you want to sit back and let the BAGs come to you, you should subscribe to “BAGnews via Email.” Because writing and (non-BAG) illustrating takes up more time these days, I’m not sending out as many BAGs as I used to. Still, you’ll get at least one or two a week, along with a quick update of what’s on the blog. (When my email provider sends you an opt-in confirmation, please make sure you reply!)

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