January 6, 2004

Viva Bush!

As election time approaches, it’s time, once again, for the illegal alien in the White House to jump the borders of decency and patronize the electorate.

The front page of today’s L.A. Times depicts the irony. While Bush proposes a “new” immigration policy with “guest worker” quotas for Mexicans (Read: Let’s Get That Hispanic Vote!), the photo alongside this lead story depicts our newest security measure: the photographing and fingerprinting of foreign air passengers as they cross into the U.S. (Pretty soon, it might be pretty hard to say you’re illegal, but “undocumented.”)

By the way, you couldn’t get a better measure of skepticism than Mexican President Fox’s reaction. Having gotten burned two years ago after Bush pulled the same stunt (and having gotten roughed up again after Mexico refused to play “lap dog” and support the U.S. Iraqi war resolution in the U.N. Security Council), Fox failed to even respond personally to the latest proposal.


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