February 23, 2004

Dear Mary, Not So Contrary

With President Bush flirting with a constitutional amendment defending “the sanctity of marriage,” and the flap over gay marriage turning into a stampede, it’s hard to imagine there could be any gays left in the Republican party.

That’s why we are so sympathetic to the latest “gotcha” website, DearMary.com.

The Mary in question is Mary Cheney, the lesbian activist and daughter of the Vice President. Of course, Dick has probably been our favorite target. (It didn’t help that he used White House legal talent to harass a number of parody websites right after gaining office. But, what goes around, comes around.)

What we can’t understand, though, is how Mary can continue to hold a senior position in the Bush-Cheney re-election apparatus, and simultaneously honor her sexual identity.

Can blood really be that thick?


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