February 25, 2004

Tim Russert And A Whiff Of President Schwarzenegger

Tim Russert, you’re killing me. In three weeks, you done nothing but puff up the conservative cause.

Two weeks ago, you spent an hour with President Bush who easily snuffed you out with the “index card” treatment. Most disappointing were your tepid questions about his military service. (Is it possible you’re responsible for the issue proceeding to disappear off the media’s radar screen?)

The following week, you showcased Ralph Nadar’s pyrrhic attempt to light up a Presidential bid.

Then, this weekend, you let Schwarzenegger roll you every which way. As Nader did the week before, you facilitated Arnold’s announcement of his Presidential quest, beginning with the campaign to allow the foreign-born to serve as Chief Executive. You also gave him a matchless opportunity to tout his so-called “recovery plan” for California, which does basically zippo exept borrow drastically and recklessly against the state’s future income. Finally, you let Arnie unwrap a big, fat commercial opposing gay marriage.

I know you think your program presents a fine blend, but you’re only burning it on one side.


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