March 9, 2004

Never Let ‘Em See You Sweat (Or, Has Someone Seen The Keys To My Airplane?!#%!)

Everyday, another crack appears in the Bush team’s veneer.

I’ve seen Colin Powell get testy in numerous interviews in the past few years, but yesterday was the worst (or, should I say, the best). On NPR, Juan Williams asked Powell for a reaction to John Kerry’s comment that Powell ‘had never been permitted to fully be a secretary of state,’ and that it appears the administration sometimes tends to “lock the keys” to Powell’s airplane.

First, Powell lost his cool, calling the comments nonsense. Then, after reassuring (himself more than) Williams that “I have not had my keys either locked up or lost,” he went on to basically prove Kerry’s point with a recitation of all the “important” situations he is currently dealing with.

…Such as Liberia, and the Sudan.

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