April 25, 2004

The Sloganator Of Unintended Consequences


My friend Susan brought this to my attention. She writes:

Evidently, the Bush/Cheney Web site offered a nifty tool earlier this year–it gave you the chance to generate your own full-size campaign poster, and personalize the slogan for your group, say, the “WheatonCollegeRepublicans.” Or at least that’s what they HOPED people would use it for. The best part is, that no matter what clever slogan you created, it read, “Paid for by Bush-Cheney 04, Inc.” at the bottom. The sloganator suffered some “misuse,” strangely enough, and it is no longer available.

To see some of the most creative creations, click here (or the image above) for a “Best of” memorial show, featuring some fantastic campaign slogans. (Note: Site plays music — and it can get overloaded and may direct you to a mirror site, but it’s worth the wait).

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