May 20, 2004

An i For An i

Here’s an image I found on the Turbanhead blog. This site is great because it’s a mix of the political and the personal, and it gives me the chance to look at the world through the eyes of people who aren’t straight and white and of European descent.

Some have found this image amusing but pointless. What’s it trying to say? Well, let’s try some spin. How about: the iPod as an avatar for our materialistic culture, one of the things that fundamentalist Muslims hate and fear about us in the first place? Or: abused Iraqi prisoners became just another object to soldiers from an object-obsessed country? Or: the cord that links listener to music becomes the cord that will forever link Lynndie England to these men in her photos? Or even: this image is fast becoming an iCon of this war, as can be seen here at Proud Liberals?

Try some of your own. Whatever you decide — ha, ha! Madja think!

Incidentally, the artist has either been busy, or has tapped into the collective consciousness: here at Gizmodo.

Thanks to Michael for the invitation!

(>>From our Guest Blogger: Karen, here.)

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