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May 14, 2004

I’ll See Your ‘Prisoner On A Leash,’ And I’ll Raise You ‘One Beheading’

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I’ve been taken with Newsmap, a utility that provides a pictorial snapshot of the Google News aggregator,

As you can imagine, the map has been dominated by stories about the Abu Ghraib pictures for a week now. With the Berg story “gaining size,” however, you get the sense that a Bush/Rove — al Queda firefight has suddenly broken out on the infographic battlefield.

Because the two biggest cells above are taken up by the Berg story, you could say that Rove/Bush currently have the upper hand (at least, as of 12:04 p.m.). Take note, however, of the story further to the right: “New Polls Show Support For Bush Has Slipped To New Lows.” Because this story reflects attitudes rather then just passing events, it’s possible to say that, even if Bush/Rove “win” today’s map, they are still losing the visual war.

(There is also another interesting indication from the Newsmap. If you compare the National snapshot against the International one, you can see that the Abu Ghraib and Berg stories are only large domestically. Overseas, the violence in the Mid-East (specifically, the killing of the Israeli soldiers) is filling much bigger rectangles.

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