June 6, 2004

BAGnews Cartoon: As Compared To Reagan

Is the tremendous fawning over Ronald Reagan just nostalgia, or is there more to it? During the last presidential campaign, the Bush people did their best to foster a comparison between Bush Jr. and the Gipper. Perhaps the strong reaction to Reagan’s death this week is as much a denial of present circumstances as anything else. While Reagan’s passing helps to temporarily distract attention from Bush’s troubles, the strong reaction to it only highlights how little stature Bush has in comparison.

I am disappointed that the media is doing such a soft shoe in recollecting Reagan. His voodoo economics (a philosophy Bush has replicated) did severe damage to the country. The defeat of communism had had to do with various factors, including Gorbachev’s emergence; it was not simply the result of our military build-up. And, Reagan’s penchant for covert operations and destabilization of governments might have also served as a blue print for this current bunch.

Regardless how out of touch he was and how much I might of disagreed with him, however, there are a number of things that can be said for Reagan. Regardless of its simplicity, Reagan had an ideology. Bush, on the other hand, never gets beyond semantics. And Reagan was a truly amiable, unselfconscious person whereas Bush is all subterfuge.

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