June 25, 2004

EPA Commercials Short Circuit

We know the White House and the Environmental Protection Agency have a total disregard for auto emission and fuel efficiency issues. It’s pretty bad, however, when they actually flaunt the attitude in a public service announcement.

The NYTimes reported today that EPA’s Energy Star group (responsible for encouraging home energy savings) has started running an ad that mocks the ability to reduce air pollution or greenhouse emissions from automobiles. Proving that poor policy can go hand in hand with poor management, the Times reported that the Department’s transportation division was completely uninformed about the campaign.

In doling out the ridicule, the ad also manages to take a cheap shot at husbands, as well. The story line involves a wife who has all the answers to saving energy around the house, while her idiot spouse is hopelessly preoccupied with Rube Goldberg schemes to meet the same goal with the family car. To view the ad:

Quicktime 60 second version
RealPlayer 60 second version

Quicktime 30 second version
RealPlayer 30 second version

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