June 14, 2004

Leading Pictures: Taking A Dive

Today’s L.A. Times leads with a surreal photo of George Bush (the elder) skydiving. The crucial thing to understand is that he is descending in tandem with an army sergeant (that guy on top of him). As the caption explains: “Winds and clouds prevented Bush from jumping solo as part of his 80th birthday festivities.”

Given that we’re in an election cycle, and the entire Bush family took maximum advantage of last week’s Reagan Marathon, what political subtexts come along with this image? I’ll offer a few:

a.) Nothing ever goes according to plan with that family.

b.) I don’t see a lot of clouds, just a lot of excuses.

c.) Just so nobody forgets, Bush Sr. is the real flyer in the family

d.) The Bush’s take big leaps, but rarely do they come out on top.

e.) Everything is a photo op with these people.

f.) Must feel weird not to have Barbara on his back.

(image: newseum)

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