June 9, 2004


Mark Fiore’s flash cartoon also plays up the “Bush piggyback” theme. Watch it here.

And while we’re going for laughs, I thought this post at tomburka.com sums up this week’s interminable Reagan “super sizing.” This is it:

GOP To Rename Buildings, Monuments, Schools, President Bush After Reagan

Republicans today rallied the cry to rename most of the nation’s buildings in honor of Ronald Reagan, and planned to rename George W. Bush after him as well.

The White House will be renamed The Ronald Reagan House (Which Happens To Be White), and, as soon as stonemasons can replace the face, the Lincoln Memorial will be renamed the Reagan Memorial. (Lincoln’s great speeches, carved into the walls of the Memorial, will be left there, “Because didn’t Reagan play Lincoln in some movie?” said Francis Bickel, chair of the Reagan Memorial Defense Committee. “He probably said those after he liberated the jews from the death camps.”)

The Presidency is to renamed the Ronald Reagan Memorial Presidency, and George W. Bush will henceforth be known as the First Ronald Reagan President, or the “Pretty Good” Communicator.

“It’s a good thing,” said Bush. “I hope I can live up to it. I understand that Abe Lincoln once landed a jet on the USS Ronald Reagan, and I’d like to do that, too.”

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