June 19, 2004


Hey, what happened to houseofmenthol.com?

The cigarette manufacturer, Brown and Williamson, was nailed this week by a New York state judge for targeting cigarette sales to youths. Using “street marketing” techniques, the company was sponsoring a nationwide series of D.J. tournaments, branded as “Kool Mixx,” and had even begun selling special-edition themed cigarettes (above) as part of the campaign.

Mark Smith, a spokesman for B & W, denied that the program was aimed at anyone under 21. That being said, check out this quote from the company’s March 17th press release announcing the initiative:

“Kool understands the vibrant urban world of the trendsetting, multicultural smoker,” said Ludo Cremers, divisional vice president, brand marketing. “Kool is the menthol authority. At the same time, Kool keeps it real and remains linked to the latest urban trends. We’ll showcase these trends this year through Kool Mixx and other promotions and events.”

Who, by the way, was the main force behind the bust? My man, Eliot Spitzer–the next Governor of New York.

(image: scaatcn.org)

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