August 3, 2004

Are Right-Wingers Shoving The Women’s Vote? — Part 1


Even though Maureen Dowd is no fan, it appears that reaction to Teresa Heinz-Kerry is cutting both ways. Although her outspoken nature turns a lot of people off, she also seems to be developing a following among women voters–particularly in reaction to criticism of her.

If you haven’t seen the video clip of her encounter with Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reporter Colin McNickle, you can view it here. It’s clear that McNickle misquoted Heinz-Kerry, and then confronted her for saying something she never said. You can question her for getting in his face, but you can just as easily credit her for taking the kind of aggressive stance that is standard operating procedure for conservatives.

Beyond the obvious, though, there is apparently more to the story. It seems the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and Mr. McNickle have been on Teresa’s case for more than ten years. According to a background piece on Alternet, the paper is extremely right wing, and has pursued the Heinz Endowment nearly to the point of harassment. When you consider the background, it looks more like the reporter intended to bait the strong-willed Heinz-Kerry.

To view the video, see the Real Player link to the right of the article at, here.

(link source:currenteventsmonitor)

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