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September 13, 2004

Bad Penny: In Which the Missing Secretary of State (Once Again) Shows Up To Convey A (False) Sense of Moderation And To Take (More) Bullets For Guys He Doesn’t Like Very Much


Colin had a very productive weekend on the t.v. talk shows.

He covered all the bases, including Iraq (It’s going to be great after we somehow eradicate those Shiites and Sunnis occupying half the country); WMD (There weren’t any, but what does it matter?); Avoiding Vietnam through family connections (Condemn it, but I’m not here to talk politics); Pakistan (Greatest allies ever); North Korea (That was no mushroom cloud. Love the deliberate pace of those multilateral talks); and Sudan (now that we’ve called it “genocide,” nobody can accuse us of ignoring the fact).

I like this Alternet piece describing Powell’s latest command performance sucking it up for the higher ups. I also liked this Guardian piece, exemplifying Powell’s flipside, where he inevitably cracks, and ends up spitefully revealing what he really thinks.

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