October 28, 2004

Bush To Explode?


What you might well be looking at are the explosives that took down the Bush presidency.

Wouldn’t that be poetic justice?

The WMD actually found Bush.

Apparently, a camera crew from the ABC station in Minneapolis, embedded with an Army unit, actually documented U.S. soldiers going through the munitions dump at Al Qaqaa. Given the date of the visit — April 18, 2003 — the weapons could not have been removed prior to the war or the American occupation (as the administration asserts).

American soldiers not only commented on the vast extent of the explosives, the video purportedly documents their intention to abandon the site without securing it in any way.

If this breaking scandal doesn’t merit front page treatment in the Ohio papers I highlighted yesterday, I don’t know what would.

Latest NYTimes coverage here.
ABC affiliate KSTP site here. (Video available for Microsoft player)

(image: NYTimes.com)

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