October 11, 2004

More NYTimes Graphic Kerry Bashing — Saturday Edition


Following on my last entry, here’s the latest NYTimes photo/graphic feature comparing the two presidential campaigns. Saturday, the Times ran another one of those clever “Op-Art” pieces on the Editorial page. This one features two bumper stickers. The point of the piece (it’s supposed to be ironic, I understand) contrasts the “strong” typography of the official Bush/Cheney bumper sticker with the “weak” Kerry/Edwards sticker. (To see the image at full size, go to the article and click on the link that reads: “the visual messages of the two candidates.”)

Of course, it is ironic. And, satiric. Unfortunately, it’s also just one more (in this case, blatant) example in a steady string of Times photos and graphics reinforcing the (desperate) Bush line.

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